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  • How does the Photocat system work? Is it safe?
    Watch our quick explainer video here to see exactly how our Photocat system safely disinfects and eliminates odours in your home or workspace.
  • How long does it take to clean my ducts?
    A standard 3-bedroom home will take approximately 2 1/2 hours.
  • Can you remove cooking odours from a home?
    Absolutely. Our specialized Photocat system can remove any cooking odour from you home or restaurant, no matter how strong the smell.
  • How much does the duct cleaning cost?
    Unfortunately we need to see the location before we can give you a quote. There are many varying factors which affect the price of a job, but we can guarantee our price will be very competitive with other providers.
  • We had an animal die in our home.  Can you treat that smell?
    Yes. All organic smells, from animals or humans can be successfully treated by our Photocat system, as long as the original cause of the odour and any remaining organic material has been removed prior to the service.
  • Can Photocat be used for automobiles?
    Once the organic material causing the odour is removed, our Photocat system can be applied to any scenario, including automobiles, homes, restaurants, industial buildings, etc.
  • Can Photocat kill mould?
    Once the existing mould is removed by a mould remediation technician, the Photocat system will effectively eradicate any remaining particles in the air and on surrounding surfaces.
  • Can Photocat get rid of animal odours?
    With pre-treatment of affected areas to remove the source of the odours, we can confidently say that our Photocat system will eradicate all odours produced from animals. This includes, wet dog smell, cat urine, skunk sprays, etc.
  • Everything smells like smoke after a fire, can Photocat remove these odours from my clothes, furniture and home?"
    Our Photocat system will effectively eradicate all odours from smoke damage to all contents in your home.
  • Can Photocat remove fuel spill odours?
    Depending on where the spill happens, surfaces such as concrete may need pre-treatment before the Photocat system will be effective in removing fuel spill odours such as gasoline or diesel. If the spill happens on a non-porous material, then Photocat will effectively eliminate all odours.
  • Does Photocat use chemicals?
    No chemicals are used with the Photocat system.
  • Will the Photocat system harm fabrics?
    No, our Photocat system can be used on virtually all common materials without worry of bleaching or harm.
  • How long does a Photocat treatment take?
    The Photocat system is incredibly fast compared to other methods. Most indoor environments can be treated in one day. Most vehicles can be treated in 2 hours.
  • Is there a warranty with the Photocat service?
    At Clinicair, we guarantee complete removal of the existing problem. That being said we can't be held liable if there are underlying non-organic odours which become apparent after treatment, or if other organic odours are introduced after the intitial treatment.
  • Does the Photocat system leave an odour?
    Our Photocat system can sometimes leave a pleasant scent after treatment, which will diminish within 24-48 hours.
  • Is Photocat an ozone generator?
    No the Photocat system is not considered an ozone generator. The science behind our system is at least 10x more powerful than most commercial ozone generators.
  • Is Photocat considered a "Green" treatment and environmentally friendly?"
    As there are no chemicals used and the oxyradicals produced dissipate within 48 hours, Photocat is considered a "Green" treatment and environmentally friendly.
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